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March 21, 2012
March 22, 2012 10:09 AM PDT
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Julian and Gray take a look back at the 1st and 2nd (er... 2nd and 3rd) round of the 2012 NCAA tournament and see how their picks shook out. Then the break down the remaining field, with (as expected) in-depth coverage of the Heels, including how far they think the boys can go with and without Kendall Marshall.

March 14, 2012
March 15, 2012 12:38 PM PDT
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Last episode of the Bach. Ben chooses Courtney. They break up. They get re-engaged. A J.P. (our man). Then about 40ish in we hit the ACC Tourney. Then we go generic Heels. Talk about our path to Big Easy. And then talk picks for the whole thing. What else could you guys want. Seriously... let us know by emailing us or commenting here.

March 7, 2012
March 08, 2012 06:54 AM PST
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Julian and Gray provide a brief(?) breakdown of the women "tell" all episode.  Is Courtney sincerely apologetic during the episode?  If so, what for exactly?  Why don't the women ask her some actual questions instead of just berating her?  Do we still like Emily after finidng out that she went to duke for undergrad?  Why don't the women ask Ben some actual penetrating questions instead of just asking him why they dumped them?  Why don't any of them understand that they're on a reality game show and not in a typical real life dating scenario?

(30:35) Then the train rolls on to UNC bball.  What exactly did we learn about the Heels from their dismantling of duke on Saturday?  What's their approach going into the ACC tourney this wknd in ATL?  Would a loss this weekend help, hurt, or not impact this team?  Who would you rather UNC play in the final: duke or FSU?  Then a discussion breaks out about All ACC teams and individual awards, that eventually ends up in Julian and Gray getting into a fight abotu who would win a 1 on 1 game between Tanner Smith and Justin Watts.  

Enjoy yourselves.

March 1, 2012
February 27, 2012 02:54 PM PST
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Julian and Gray kick of a new month, by doing a little catching up and covering two weeks worth of action, using a new format that will hopefully be more engaging.

In the first segment they discuss the last two episodes of the Bachelor, which have been pretty bland to be honest.  But rest assured they find plenty to comment on.

In the second segment, they provide a solid breakdown of the Heels' play over the last 4 games and discuss how they're shaping up for a run in March.  Then they take a significant amount of time to disucuss uniform happenings of late (both bball and football) - and there have been plenty.

Hope you guys enjoy.

February 21, 2012... or not
February 21, 2012 03:01 PM PST
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Looks like we're not going to be able to get a podcast out this week, Julian's grad-school demands are taking priority and we really didn't feel like there was much to talk about anyway.  But we WILL offer the following notes for your comments:

Bach: Really boring.  Did anyone not think Kacie B. was leaving after all the dates.  Crazy family, plus we've all learned by now that Ben just isn't into the "sweet girl" thing.  Feel bad for the girl.  I will say one of the most entertaining parts of the show was seeing her run the gauntlet of emotions in the limo after the show.  She started with, "I thought I knew what he was looking for [me], but I guess I was wrong." Great, and healthy way to look at it.   Then she goes to, "I don't know why I wasn't good enough."  Wait...what.  Then she just starts dropping the f bomb in bewilderment of getting kicked off.  Really solid coverage of most emotional states there.

Okay, who do you guys think goes home next week?  (Comment below) They're not meeting families, right?  Just hanging.  Which means this is the episode with the most potential for off-camera physical activity.  Don't worry, we'll include full speculation on that nest week in the podcast.


Heels fans: What can you say?  I can't even remember who we played on Sat.  Oh yeah, Clemson.  We didn't look great.  Hope that's a theme that starts losing its legs pretty soon.  On the plus side, Reggie shot it a lot better - which in last week's podcast we noted is a huge factor in how far this team can go in March.  

Don't forget to check out imgur.com/a/2FPS1 and comment (either below or by email) as to which ones look the best.  We'll reveal our pics next week.  Go heels.

February 14, 2012
February 12, 2012 04:58 PM PST

Chapter 1: The Bachelor - Finally we see the "Super Six" in direct competition.  Julian and Gray critique Lindzi and Emily on their one-on-one date performances, try to recount how many times the phrase "I think I'm falling in love" is used, and again try to figure out what Courtney's deal is.  Is she in it to win it, is she a gamer, is she crazy, or is it a combination of everything put together in one disaster of a person?  One thing we know for sure, she's an incredible liar.  Then we talk group date, and how even though Kacie B. gets the rose, she's setting herself up for a complete emotional meltdown when she doesn't win.  And did we think Kacie and Nicki's confrontation re: Courtney was enough to save our Emily?  Apparently not as we're forced to bid adieu to two of our favorite contestants.  Are you guys as excited about the rest of the show as we're not?  Oh yeah, did we mention how much we appreciate all the New Zealand fans out there!!!  Thanks for renewing our dream of creating a successful podcast each week.


Chapter 2: The Heels - So we lost to Duke.  It sucks, always, but especially in this fashion.  Did Duke win this game, or did the Heels lose it?  Is the team annoyed, depressed, motivated?  Julian and Gray explore the implications of Duke's miraculous comeback including the fact that we'll have to see a replay of "the shot" for the rest of our lives.  Then we take a look at how the team responded at home vs. the Cavs and then in a tough road game at Coral Gables.  The Heels are making it a habit of getting behind in every game and then coming back.  What's that about?  And then we harp on some of Roy and GodZeller's post Miami game comments and just how dangerous this team can be if the lid comes off the basket and we start shooting the way coach thinks we're capable of shooting.  Finally, we preview the matchup in Raleigh.  Can the Heels survive playing in NC State's yearly national championship game?  Can Reggie shut down Scott Woo (no "D") again?  All this and more.

February 7, 2012
February 08, 2012 09:47 AM PST

Julian and Gray start with a special "thank you" to all our listeners out there, and then proceed to share their thoughts on Episode 6 (2/6/12) of the Bachelor including: Ben is a little less cavalier than we (and some of the girls) originally thought, Courtney has shifted from a gamer to just plain crazy, Julian's fantasy about being trapped on a desert island, the Arts and Crafts factor, Rachel stepping her game up, what happened with Casey S., Chris Harrison's omniscient facilitation role and unwavering faith in the show's process, and use Jamie as a case study for why it's hard for generally shy people to survive in this show's format. Then they dissect the "Super 6" (remaining contestants) by using the analogy of each's emotional investment to how their relative locations in a national road-way system. Then they make their final 4, 3, 2 and winner predictions. Content heavy this week. You're welcome.

At the 1:19 mark (yeah, yeah), they shift their focus to the next chapter in the greatest rivalry in all of sports, each team's expected strategy, how disappointed they are that Dexter Strickland will not be participating, predicted individual match ups, and the expected outcome of the game. Then they touch on this weekend's UVA game as well as the landscape of the ACC at the season's midpoint.

January 31, 2012
February 01, 2012 10:46 AM PST

From Episode 5 of the Bachelor, Julian and Gray discuss stupid linens, the attractiveness of women placed in a competitive sports environment, how Emily's repeat offense might actually give her a huge boost in the future, and all the ramifications of Courtney and Ben's beach trip including the intense internal struggle in a man's heart between his desire to fulfill physical needs, and his desire to find a soul mate and life long partner among a group 25 women who were selected by people he doesn't know to be presented to him and then compete for his love and attention in front of a national audience via television. AND THEN... the fellas touch on the new silver jerseys (duh), the State beat-down, and why you'll see at most 4 more well played regular-season games from the Heels.

January 24, 2012
January 25, 2012 01:05 PM PST

Julian and Gray break down Episode 4 of the Bachelor including (but not limited to): how our girl Emily is blowing it (and apparently dying it), beaver dams, Courtney #winning, and Ben's persistent middle part. Then we dive into the specifics how the Heels will attempt to replace Dexter Strickland ,starting this Thursday night against (cough) #1 in the ACC (cough) UNC-Raleigh, as well as whether we think this team still has title potential. For UNC commentary go to min 48. Sorry again.

January 17th, 2012
January 20, 2012 12:22 PM PST

Julian and Gray recap episodes 1-3 of the new season of ABC's the Bachelor, and then dissect the Heels' humiliating loss at FSU. Bach coverage is first. UNC Bball talk starts at the 40 minute mark. Yeah yeah. It's long. Sorry.

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